Resilience of large-scale interacting networks with positive and negative regulations



主講人:田天海  澳大利亞莫納什大學教授




地點:騰訊會議 370 151 818






內容介紹:Resilience is the capability of a dynamical system against external  perturbations including noise. A wide range of complex systems require  resilience to maintain their sustained functions in fluctuating environments.  Although a generic method has been proposed to study the resilience of the  reduced networks, an important yet unsolved question is the functions of  different regulations on the network resilience. In this talk, we will discuss  an effective method to reduce the size of a large-scale regulatory network  subjected to different types of regulations. Using the gene networks in E coli  and yeast as the test systems, we will demonstrate how positive and negative  regulations affect the resilience of biological systems.